Sales Planning & Development

How have you structured your team? Internal v external sales?
What’s your customer service strategy? Have you got one?
What’s your customer retention process? Have you developed a sales plan?
Have you got the right people, systems and processes to achieve your aims?

These are just some of the critical questions business leaders need to consider when they are pushing for improved sales performance. Unfortunately, in chasing the 101 other priorities, these questions often do not get answered.

Olieon can help you answer these questions and more. We can provide you with solutions to help you ramp up your sales performance through our techniques in:

- sales effectiveness assessment and implementation of improvements
- prospect management
- lead generation
- sales planning
- sales forecasting
- sales team engagement

Want to increase sales from your existing customers? Look no further. We can spark your

- account development planning
- relationship management and customer service
- opportunity development and customer growth mapping

Get a fresh pair of eyes and ears into your business with the ability to energise and reinvigorate your sales activity. Contact us today.