Product & Service Development

If your business is not innovating, the competitive edge you may have over your competitors will be eroded, or the gap they may have over you will increase.

Improving your product offering or launching new services is therefore essential to mitigate changes in market tastes, to embrace technological developments or even to combat competitor moves.

With expertise in product development and new launches, Olieon’s innovation capabilities can provide you with a turn-key solution for the generation, assessment, design, creation and implementation of new products, product enhancements or product extensions.

We assess:

  • The risks
  • The opportunity
  • The benefits and rewards
  • The strategic fit

We develop:

  • The business case
  • The requirements specification
  • The implementation plan

We provide:

  • The testing with customers
  • The execution of the plan and the product delivery

We can guide you through the pitfalls in product development of ‘scope-creep’, spiralling R&D costs, overambitious estimates of market sizes, pushing new launches or enhancements through despite negative indicators, and much more.

Let us help you revitalise your product and service offerings. Contact us today.