Market Development

You have a great product or service, but there is not enough scope in your existing market to drive significant revenue uplift. One of your growth options is to transport your offering into new markets or new geographical territories by direct investment, acquisition or partnership. But:

Is the new market as attractive as it may seem? Have you got the capabilities to reach these new prospects?
How will the incumbent players react to your entry into their market?
Will the market entry distract you from your core business? Have you sufficient resources to pursue the new market development?
How would you integrate the potential acquisition with your existing operation?

At Olieon, we have experience of taking business operations into new market areas. We understand the pitfalls and the minefields involved in pursuing a market development strategy. Let us help you unlock the opportunities. Our services include:

Market entry assessments - risk and benefit evaluations
Market entry planning
– strategies and tactics
Merger & Acquisition
– assessment and due diligence
Partnership audit
– evaluation and appraisal

For a discussion on your market development ambitions contact us today.