Marketing Management

Olieon offers practical marketing services to help you understand your market with more clarity in order to communicate better with your target audience – whether its prospects or your existing customers.  Our success criteria being that we grow your market share and improve your business performance.

We deliver strategic marketing services such as:

Market audits and market sizing exercises
Market segmentation – to enable you to focus on who you should be targeting
Market research – to provide you with insight into your competitors, your prospects, or even your customers

Our range of services, however, can even get down to the nitty-gritty tactical level and include:

Marketing planning
Campaign management
Prospect list building
Database services
Customer relationship management
Lead generation
Web and online marketing

We develop your marketing programme – the tactics, the timescales and the delivery.  We can help you work out:

how you should position yourself in your market
what your messaging should be
what collateral you should be using
what media you should be utilising

For expertise in helping you engage and retain customers and to drive new customer acquisition, contact us today.